This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with some Beacon updates from 4/17/2020

  1. COVID Counts:  In the county, there are 1,800 active coronavirus cases.  In Beacon, we have 97 active cases – that’s our first decline.  Hopefully we’re peaking in Beacon.  But you can’t let up – you help make everyone safer.
  2. Weekend:  The weekend is upon us.  Remember, starting this evening at 8 PM, the Governor has ordered: “In public, if there’s not social distancing, you must wear a face covering.”  So, this means:
    • First and foremost, social distancing is required.  Only if that’s not happening, then a face covering is required.
    • If you’re outside alone, or only with household members, or in your own yard è you don’t need a covering.
    • But if you’re in a tight public space è you must wear face covering.
    • On MetroNorth trains, both conductors and riders will now need face coverings.  They also announced reopening the north stairs at the Beacon station – hooray.
    • On the city’s website is great new guidance from the State on social distancing and face coverings, along with dozens of FAQs on all aspects of COVID-19.
    • Always be respectful and reasonable in your interactions with others.
  3. Census:  Don’t forget the census.

Beacon has really pulled together.  Thank you for all those involved in so many volunteer efforts to help others.  Thank you all for doing your part.  Keep it up.