The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program was established to provide housing assistance and to allow low-income households choice of where to live

With approximately 2.3 million enrolled households, the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is the largest of HUD’s rental assistance programs. Administered locally though public housing agencies (PHAs) nationwide, the program provides rental subsidies on behalf of tenants, allowing them to secure housing in the private rental market. HUD funds and regulates the program, and PHAs are responsible for processing applicants, maintaining wait lists, calculating tenant and housing assistance payments.

Because the program relies on the private rental market to supply units for HCV tenants, landlord participation is critical to its success.

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List an Apartment

If you are interested in the possibility of renting your unit to a Housing Choice Voucher holder, please place your apartment listing (free of charge) at


To ensure the best quality housing for our HCV participants, the BHA ensures the following program requirements are met

  • The unit is eligible;
  • The unit has been inspected and has met the housing quality standards;
  • The lease includes the HUD tenancy addendum;
  • The rent to owner is reasonable;
  • At the initial assisted leasing of a unit for which the gross rent exceeds the payment standard, the family share does not exceed 40% of the family’s monthly adjusted income; and
  • The owner is eligible (i.e., not disapproved by the BHA) and has no conflict of interest.

Subsidy payments to landlords are governed by the terms of the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract.  A copy of this contract can be found in a Voucher holder’s Request for Tenancy Approval packet or by contacting our office

The BHA is always interested in recruiting new Housing Choice Voucher landlords.