The City of Beacon Housing Authority in collaboration with T-Mobile introduces new initiative “Bridging The Digital Divide”.

• The Beacon Housing Authority (BHA) whose mission is to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination, has partnered with T-Mobile to introduce technology within traditionally underserved communities.

The “Bridging The Digital Divide” Initiative will take place on Tuesday October 29th, 2019. BHA and T-Mobile will provide free tablets along with low cost high speed unlimited access to its residents of public housing. This is a voluntary program and residents must enroll to participate.

*Tablets will be issued at Hamilton Fish Plaza (9am-10:30am) *Tablets will be issued at Forrestal Heights (2pm-3:30pm). *Recommended training session will be provided at each location site so that residents can familiarize themselves with the tablet. *Residents who participate in this program will pay a$10 monthly fee for each tablet assigned to their household. *The Fee is to cover a portion of the cost for the monthly internet service. *The total monthly cost of the high speed unlimited internet access is $20 per month however Beacon Housing Authority will subsidize the balance for each tablet assigned to a resident of public housing.  

The objective of this initiative is to introduce to technology within BHA and provide a pathway for its youth, the underemployed, and the elderly to achieving self sufficiency.