Coronavirus Update from Beacon Housing Authority

Dear Residents;

As you are aware, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has arrived in the New York State Metropolitan Area. The number of confirmed cases is almost certain to rise in our region over the next several weeks as verified testing becomes more available.

At this time no Physician Offices have the ability to test for COVID-19. The test can only be done by NYS and CDC. For more information visit;

With this in mind we would like to communicate to BHA community some of the most recent facts regarding this subject.

Please review the attached flyer from the CDC entitled “What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Disease 2019”. This is posted on BHA Community Bulletin Boards for our residents to review. Copies of the flyer can be picked up at the Management Office as well as emailed to those residents who have provided an active email address.

BHA will remain diligent and provide any updates as they develop.