City of Beacon | COVID-19 Update | 9 April 2020 6 PM

This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with a local Beacon update.

  1. Half-Staff:  Beacon’s flags are flying at half-staff, as we mourn fellow New Yorkers who have succumbed to COVID-19, which tragically now exceeds 7,000 deaths statewide and 14 here in Dutchess County.  We will continue to fly at half-staff during the NYS PAUSE.
  2. COVID Counts:  In Dutchess County, there are almost 1,400 active COVID-19 cases, of which 79 are in Beacon.  To be clear, that’s 79 active cases, not hospitalizations.  Our count is lower than the more urban county communities but higher than others.
  3. Flattening Curve:  In New York City, new hospitalizations and ICU admissions are declining, but are still high.  That means all of our sacrifices – business closures, unemployment and social distancing – are working.  Please, please don’t let up.  Dutchess is a week or two behind New York City, so we are still climbing.  We must keep up our efforts for the sake of at-risk community members.
  4. NYS Unemployment Website:  I understand that tonight, the NYS Department of Labor will bring up on its website a newer, more streamlined unemployment application.  It should make the situation less frustrating.
  5. Census:  And of course, if you haven’t yet, do your household’s census response.

Thank you all; stay well.