Attention Residents of Beacon Housing Authority Tiny Food Pantries are popping up in Beacon NY

Contributions are being accepted for those who are fortunate enough to contribute.

Restock The Tiny Food Pantries
Any day
Time: Open Hours of Library (or any time for the outside boxes at the Beacon Rec Center, or Binnacle Books)
Locations:  Library, Beacon Rec Center, Binnacle Books
The Tiny Food Pantries are in Beacon, and they are a grab-in-go style.

No approval. No wait time.

Two of them are outside, so are 24/7. But they are limited by who in the community stocks them.

This one is in the Howland Public Library, and is bare! If you have un-opened snacks like Girl Scout Cookies, simply drop them off here. Also toiletries like tampons and pads.

What is a Food pantry?
A Food Pantry is where donated food sits on shelves for people to pick it up on certain times and days. Usually does not include expired items (the voluneers sort, and throw away) and some Food Pantries know about specific needs just for them, like if one Food Pantry says: “you know, we really need feminine hygene things actually.”.