A Message from Beacon City Mayor Lee Kyriacou

Hi Beacon; it’s Mayor Lee Kyriacou with a brief update on COVID and test kits.

Counts:  COVID cases have peaked in Dutchess County and are on the decline.  In Beacon we have 127 active cases – lower than our peak but higher than we want.

Masks:  Please remember – per State Health Department requirements and CDC recommendations – a face covering is required in indoor public spaces other than a private residence, unless the space requires proof of vaccination.  We are almost these, so please let’s stick to the requirements together.

Test Kits:  The Federal Government has begun free distribution of up to four COVID-19 antigen home test kits for households.  Online, go to https://special.usps.com/testkits.  Every U.S. home is eligible without proof of ID, credit card, or health insurance.  Kits are expected to start shipping in late January.

The City of Beacon ran out of a small number of test kits almost immediately, but we are expecting more.  We will provide notice of local test kits by phone messages such as this, and on the City website at https://beaconny.gov/ and Facebook account.

Thank you for your keeping to our safety protocols throughout this pandemic.  Beacon has served as a model for the rest of the Hudson Valley.  More importantly, your dedication has saved lives.