This is Beacon Mayor Lee Kyriacou with a brief message for the end of 2020.

COVID Counts:  There are 1,451 active COVID cases in Dutchess County, of which 68 are here in Beacon.  For context, Beacon’s count is half of our peak back in the Spring, while the county total is closer to its Spring peak, but fortunately now declining.  I believe that means that, as a community, Beacon is doing a relatively better job at keeping everyone safe – and especially so given that we attract a lot of weekend and holiday visitors.

We’re near the close of yearend holidays.  Please, don’t let up – practice safe social distancing and mask wearing; keep New Year’s gatherings small or virtual.  Thank you all for your individual efforts, and especially those front-line workers and volunteers who help those in need. End of 2020; a Better 2021:  2020 has been a tough year for all on multiple fronts.  But recall it started as a positive year, until the pandemic began to wreak havoc.  I fully expect 2021 to be the opposite of 2020 – we’ll start with tough times, but things will improve, and well before yearend.  Vaccines and consistent messaging from our leadership will beat back the pandemic.  Hopefully, economic stimulus will be enough to help all in need and turn the economy around.  And change in public safety and other policies will accelerate our country’s journey to – as our Constitution says – “form a more perfect union.”  I grieve for those who have lost jobs, livelihoods and loved ones, but I remain optimistic for the future.

Thank you. 

Stay safe.  Swiftreach Networks, Inc.