Mutual Aid Beacon (MAB) Network Initiated!

BHA is proud to introduce the Mutual Aid Beacon (MAB) Network. This is a community based organization made up of volunteers whose mission is to address the community needs and provide services to residents within the Beacon Community.

During these fast moving and uncertain times MAB is providing direct community support to seniors, people with disabilities, marginalized and racialized communities, and people who are quarantined without pay. MAB is volunteering to run errands, drop off food, help with technology issues, etc.,etc. The MAB Network is focused on building strong connections within the community through mutual respect and acts of kindness.

MAB is looking for volunteers to assist in their mission. They also seek those individuals who are in need of assistance and support. If you are interested in being a volunteer, or if you need assistance please click on the link below;

You may also text/call 845-206-9836 for assistance as well.