This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with some Beacon updates.

1. COVID Counts:  In the county, there are just under 2,200 active coronavirus cases – 135 of those are in Beacon.  Our counts are up modestly, partially offset by increasing numbers that have recovered.  I know it’s been so hard on so many in Beacon, but please, keep up the social distancing.

2. Next Phase:  There isn’t much new to report on the next phase, other than what you hear in the Governor’s daily briefings and much planning among Mid-Hudson counties. I’ll have more to share next week.

3. Pharmacy Testing:  As I mentioned last week, licensed pharmacists can now order COVID-19 tests – even without a doctor’s order.

4. Elections:  A court ruling just reinstated the presidential primary on June 23rd, so the Board of Elections has to sort that one out. I’ll share more when details firm up.

5. Weekend:  The weekend begins, even if the weather’s not very inviting.  Remember:  “In public, if you can’t maintain social distancing, you must wear a face covering.”  That doesn’t mean everyone outside must have a covering, but in tight spaces you must use a face covering. Please be reasonable, cooperative and respectful.

6. Wedding:  I performed a wedding today at city hall – a small gathering with proper safeguards.  It was optimistic and heartwarming – and a reminder that we will get past this difficult time. Keep working together Beacon. 

Thank you all for doing your part.