May is Mental Health Awareness Month

COVID-19 been challenging for New York, but it has been particularly challenging for our mental health. From cabin fever to loneliness, stress and anxiety, the impact is very real and it’s crucial we acknowledge the toll this pandemic has taken on our mental health. I want New Yorkers to know that help is available to anyone who needs it. To help New Yorkers during this stressful time, the State has set up an Emotional Support Hotline where people can get free emotional support, consultations and referrals to a provider. The hotline can be reached at 1-844-863-9314. New York has also partnered with Headspace to offer New Yorkers much-needed free meditation and mindfulness content as a mental health resource. These resources are available at We can’t underestimate the extreme emotional trauma that many people are feeling now and no one should feel like they are alone. New York is here for you.2 days ago · Subscribers of State of New York