Mayor Lee Kyriacou with an important COVID-19 update

This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with an important COVID-19 update.

Your community spirit and cooperation drove our city’s COVID cases way down in the past several months, from a peak of close to 150, down to a handful.

In the last few days, however, the number of active COVID-19 cases in Beacon has ticked up, and then ticked up again today, with the current number on the county’s COVID tracking website at 45 for Beacon.

The county health department informed us that the increase is from one residential facility in the city limits, and has issued an order requiring isolation protocols for those involved.  Beacon police have been asked to assist in monitoring. To be clear, the large increase is from a single residential facility – not from Main Street businesses, or not from children returning to schools.

Beacon is doing exceptionally well.  We have carefully opened up much of our city activity, while keeping our COVID numbers way down – that is remarkable. Our job as individual members of this community remains unchanged:  Each of us must continue to do our part – social distancing and face coverings in public, quarantining if required, being respectful to all.  Everyone’s vigilance is essential to keeping us all safe.