We are entering one of the most significant awareness events of the year, Mental Health Awareness Month.

May is a time when the mental health community can spread information, resources and support to new audiences. And push for reform to improve the mental health system for everyone affected by mental illness.

You can get involved during this important time of year. If you aren’t sure what you can do, here are a few steps to help make a difference:

Step 1: Live it Make this movement a part of your life by pledging to be #stigmafree. The perfect way to kick off Mental Health Month is to committing to educate yourself and others, see the person and not the illness and to take action on mental health issues.

Step 2: Share it Get involved with the Ribbon Campaign in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Let your networks know by spreading awareness through sharing inspirational posts on social media. Share your mental health journey on one of NAMI Mid-Hudson’s social media accounts.

Step 3: Show it A valuable way to show your support for this movement is to advocate for improvements in the mental health system. You can be a leader in the mental health movement, and we are here to help you.

Step 4: Give back NAMI Mid-Hudson’s priority is to educate and support those affected by mental health conditions, advocate for a better, more equitable health system, and to spread mental health awareness. These goals will make the world a better place for those who live with mental illness and their families. We can’t do this without the help of our friends. Please consider giving us a gift that will allow us to continue making a difference. We appreciate your support in helping us grow this movement.

➢ Donate

➢ Create your own Fundraiser for NAMI Mid-Hudson

➢ Walk with by yourself, with a group or form a team

➢ If you’re a business – donate and receive a Bow with a sign to hang and support our cause