Join our COVID-19 Volunteer Screening Registry … Please review and share this information with your family and friends

As you may know, older adults have the most hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 of any group in the United States. So far, not many persons older than age 70 have signed up in this registry.

Can You Help Us?

If you know of someone in your life who is older than age 70 and interested in participating in coronavirus prevention research, would you consider passing along our website to them ( )? For persons without internet access, or who do not feel comfortable with online forms, they can also call our toll-free registry at 866-CVT-1919 (866-288-1919).

Again, thank you for joining the CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry. You are making a difference! You may still be contacted by researchers who can tell you more about upcoming studies. If we do not contact you, that means there is no study that we can match you with right now. New studies continue to be planned over the next few months.

Thank you!! We appreciate your help and support.

Dr. Jim Kublin

Executive Director, CoVPN Principal Investigator, CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry