COVID 19 Vaccine Information From City of Beacon Mayor Lee Kyriacou

This is Beacon Mayor Lee Kyriacou with an update on COVID-19 vaccines.

Eligibility: Those who are currently eligibile for a vaccine are: people 65 and older, frontline workers including first responders, public safety and transit workerse, educators, front-facing grocery store workers, certain funeral workers, and those working or living in homeless shelters

Everyone who is currently eligible for a vaccine will be able to get one within three to four months. There are several vaccine distribution locations in our area. All require an appointment. Please be patient, but persistent.

I will list them starting with those in Beacon. Sun River Health on Main Street. Visit or call 845 288 0850. Local pharmacies are vaccinating those 65 years and older. Check and later this month for more information. Please do not call to schedule. The former JC Penney in the mall and Dover High School. Visit The Institute for Family Health in Hyde Park, Ellenville and New Paltz. Visit Westchester County Center and SUNY Albany. Visit  or call 1 833 697 4829 Castle Point, for Veterans who are either 65 or older or are essential workers, call 845 838 7668.

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