COVID-19/Coronavirus Update April 16: Masks

This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with some Beacon updates.

  1. COVID Counts:  In Dutchess, there are over 1,700 active coronavirus cases – 98 are in Beacon.  So, our counts are still rising but slowing down – that means we too are flattening our curve.  In Beacon, we see overwhelming compliance.  That’s great; keep it up – we’re all doing our part.
  2. Face Covering:  There’s a lot of confusion about face coverings – let me explain what’s required and what’s not.  Starting Friday evening, the Governor has ordered: “In public, if there’s not social distancing, you must wear a face covering.”  This means:
    • Social Distancing is required; if that’s not happening, then a face covering is required.
    • If you’re outside alone (or only with a household member) è you don’t need a mask.
    • If you’re in a tight public space è you must wear face covering.
    • If you’re at the store and there’s social distancing or a plexiglass barrier è you can wear face covering but it is not required.
    • If you’re at home è nothing is required – other than common sense.
    • Please, be respectful and reasonable in your interactions with others.
  3. Census:  I’m seeing TV ad reminders on the census.  So much locally depends on getting everyone counted.  Do it –

Thank you.  Stay well.