City of Beacon Mayor, Lee Kyriacou provides local update to city residents.

  1. Thanks:  I just want to spend a moment to thank the many people and establishments in Beacon that have stepped up at this time of stress.  Kudos to our food markets, pharmacies, gas stations, take-outs and others that remain open.  Thank you to the organizations and individuals that have donated needed supplies and are helping neighbors.  And of course, thank you to City of Beacon employees, who continue to do their jobs under difficult conditions.
  2. City Website: has new links on our home page – one on the top right for COVID-19 official updates, and another as you scroll down called Beacon Resources, which provides contact lists for food pantries/meals, take-out restaurants and open businesses.  (We will also be introducing electronic bill pay in the next couple of days.)
  3. Census Reminder:  Finally, please take a moment to complete your household’s census form that came in the mail.  Just find your Census ID on the letter and go to  Respond by April 1 if at all possible.  To repeat, go to and enter your Census ID.

We’re all in this together.  Check in on your neighbors.

Thank you. 

Official information is on state, county and city websites or on public Channel 22: