Beacon City Mayor Lee Kyriacou with some local updates.

COVID-19/Coronavirus Update June 19 Public Forum

  1. COVID-19 Counts:  There are 7 active cases of COVID-19 in Beacon. Social distancing works. Keep it up.
  2. Phase Three:  We expect the Hudson Valley to enter Phase 3 Reopening this Tuesday the 23rd.  Social distancing and/or face covering remain in effect. You will see more and more Main Street businesses extending SAFELY onto sidewalks and parking spaces. Let’s all do our part to make this work.
  3. June: It’s a busy month – Flag Day, Emancipation Day today (Governor Cuomo declared it a State holiday), Father’s Day this Sunday, plus graduations.  Enjoy them safely. 
  4. Peaceful Protest: The City is aware of a peaceful Black Lives Matter and Juneteenth march today at 6:30 pm, from Main and Route 9D to Memorial Park.
  5. Forum on Public Safety: Tomorrow Saturday, 10-12, the City Council and I are hosting a community listening session to receive input on the Beacon Police Department and improving community relations.  All Beacon residents are invited to listen in and offer input. You can access the forum by:

Thank you, stay well.