Attention Residents of Forrestal Heights High Rise Building

It has come to the attention of BHA Management that someone has been urinating at the very bottom of Stairwell “A”. There have been several incidents over the past two weeks where urine was discovered by tenants who were exiting the building or going to the laundry room. BHA is very concerned about this and wants this behavior to stop.

It is a health hazard which in addition to the unsanitary element and stench, can also lead to someone slipping, falling, and seriously injuring themselves.

If the person involved in this matter is subject to incontinence BHA will offer resources to address this issue. However, if the person is not suffering from incontinence but is simply inconsiderate of his fellow residents then this warrants a different response.

At this time BHA is asking anyone with knowledge of this incident to contact the office. Although we are Public Housing we pride ourselves in maintaining a safe, sanitary, and livable environment.

Thank you

BHA Management