Are you in need of a tablet with low cost internet?

The recent pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves from the outside world. Along with
many other businesses and doctors, the Beacon Housing Authority is relying heavily on the
internet to communicate with people. If you are not connected to the internet, you could be
missing out on important information but we can offer you a solution.

The BHA has T-Mobile Tablets available to any resident who needs one. Here is what you
need to know:

Description of the Tablet Program

 Residents receive free tablets from T-Mobile and will only pay for low cost
high speed unlimited Internet service.
 There is no credit check required.
 Cost of Internet service is $10 per month per tablet.
 Households with children can receive more than one tablet however; they
will be charged $10 per month for each tablet in that household.
 You will pay the $10 per month per tablet directly to the BHA. The
payment must be paid separately from your rent with a check or money
order made out to the Beacon Housing Authority (No Cash).

If you are interested or need more information, please contact Noah in the office at 845-831-

Do you receive the emails and robo calls from
the Beacon Housing Authority?

The BHA uses email and robo call as a fast and easy way to share information with tenants. If
you are not receiving them you may miss out on important information or opportunities for
your family.

To register for the robo call: Please call the office and request to be added. Make sure you
also provide your telephone number.
To register for emails: visit our website at Scroll down to the
green tab and register your email. Or call the office and request to be added.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for both the robo calls and the emails.