An update from Beacon City Mayor Lee Kyriacou … Please review information below and share with friends and family.

This is Mayor Lee Kyriacou with a couple of Beacon updates.

  1. COVID Counts:  Dutchess County is seeing an overall increase in the number of active cases – now at 533 active COVID cases – which includes spikes in very specific locations.  Beacon had a specific location spike a while back at one of our residential care facilities.  That event is in the past, and Beacon’s number of active cases came back down to single digits, but is now up modestly to 26 active cases.  While still quite small compared to our Spring peak, we need to remain vigilant.  Please, continue social distancing and appropriate mask wearing.  Stay home if you feel ill and wash your hands frequently. 
  2. Governor’s Executive Order:  In light of rising COVID case counts, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order on November 12th that:
    • Gatherings:  Limits non-essential private residential gatherings to 10 people or fewer.
    • Bars & Restaurants:  Requires bars and restaurants to close in-person dining by 10 PM until 5 AM; curbside take-out/delivery can continue after 10 PM.  
    • Gyms & Fitness Centers:  Requires gyms to close in-person operations by 10 PM until 5 AM.
  3. Community Forums: The city will be hosting two additional virtual community forums on policing and public safety, the first one will be this Saturday at 10 am. We are looking to hear from new voices, to broaden the input we are receiving from the community.  To access the forums, please visit

I know it’s been hard on so many in Beacon, but please, continue to make responsible choices.  Thank you for all those volunteering to help others.  Keep it up.