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I just finished delivering my State of the State address, and I’m proud to say that the State of our State today is strong — but we still have work to do.

New York has shown the world that when we get knocked down, we always get back up. We’ve made historic investments to strengthen and upgrade our infrastructure, build a world-class public transit system, create a strong public education system, confront climate change, fortify our health care system, help our small businesses, and create jobs across the state.

And now it is upon this sturdy foundation that we will continue to build a fairer, more equitable future for New Yorkers.

In my State of the State speech today, I outlined key policies that will make New York more affordable, more livable, and safer — so that we can make the New York Dream a reality for individuals and families across the state now, and for generations to come.

We’re working to make New York more affordable. From increasing the minimum wage annually at the rate of inflation, to transforming our child care system, to providing at least $165 million in relief to more than 800,000 utility customers, we’re making it easier for New York families to afford to live here.

We’re working to make New York more livable. From implementing a first-ever statewide strategy to address New York’s housing crisis and build 800,000 new homes, to providing fully-paid parental leave to State employees, to building on our nation-leading efforts to combat climate change with a statewide Cap-and-Invest program, we’re working to make sure all New Yorkers can grow and thrive.

We’re working to make New York safer. From investing in proven gun violence prevention programs, to supporting those who need access to critical mental health resources, we’re addressing the root causes of crime and helping protect our residents.

These initiatives and policies — these new investments and approaches — are just the tip of the iceberg.

The task ahead of us is daunting and the stakes could not be higher, but I am fortunate to live in the home once occupied by one our State’s greatest leaders and thinkers — Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt, once said, “You who are going to build a new world must go forward with courage.”

We will build a new world. And we will be courageous. We will do the hard, necessary things to lift up and support New Yorkers, and clear a path for them to realize the New York Dream.

That is my promise to the people of New York.

Ever upward, 

Gov. Kathy Hochul
Executive Chamber of Gov. Kathy Hochul
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
United States