Message from NY State Gov. Kathy Hochul

On Wednesday 1/5/2022, I delivered my first State of the State Address where I outlined a plan to create a New Era for New York by embarking on a bold, far-reaching policy agenda that advances our recovery and restores New Yorkers’ trust in government

I have spent my lifetime in public service. I know the people, the places, and the challenges across New York, and I know the path we must take forward to lift up each and every New Yorker.  

That’s why I proposed an ambitious agenda to:  

Rebuild our healthcare and teacher workforces, 

Provide tax relief to those who need it most,  

Speed up economic growth and create good paying, middle-class jobs, 

Strengthen our infrastructure and confront climate change,  

Secure public safety and make housing more affordable

Ensure every New Yorker has a roof over their heads

And enact bold reforms for our State government. 

My fellow New Yorkers: This agenda is for you. Every single initiative is filtered through the lens of how it will help you and your families. I encourage you to learn more about our over 220 proposals to help our state come back stronger than ever before. 

Ever Upward,

Governor Kathy Hochul